As I walked up to the stray facility at Ft. Sill, OK, you could see all the dogs they had through the chain link fences separating them from the big scary world. There was a purebred golden retriever, a heeler mix, a pitbull, and there, right in the middle, the little man I came to see. The profile on claimed he was a St. Bernard mix. Because I’m a sucker for big dogs, I had to meet him.

As per our daily ritual, my husband and I would send cute pictures of dogs that are adoptable. I sent my husband this puppy’s picture before I went to see him. Well, fast forward a few hours after sending him the picture: I get a picture of my husband with this dog.

We were living in a tiny apartment at the time and weren’t going to adopt until we moved into a bigger place. So I was surprised that my hubby went to visit this puppy. And he fell in love. I went to visit the next day and this 3-4 month old, brown and white puppy was barking his little head off in the kennel. I entered his kennel and a scared, but adorable crawled into my lap (he might have peed a little on my pants too).


A couple days later, he was ours. He is absolutely not a St. Bernard mix, but we did find out that he was found in the middle of winter, underneath a car and mostly likely, he was abused. Later, we gathered through his behavior, that he most likely had a very sad first couple of months. This is the beginning of our adventure with Geronimo. And the beginning of my journey on working with a reactive dog and into the world of all things DOG.IMG_0045

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