Sandy, the cutest terrier!

April’s Most Improved Dog Award goes to Sandy!  Sandy’s mom Michelle, is the human behind the blog Scruffy Little Terrier.   SLT is a blog full of useful information for you and your pup, including a shop with the cutest items!  Michelle and her two dogs, Sandy and Barney, are located in the UK and I couldn’t be more excited to feature the scruffiest, cutest, terrier, Sandy!


Name: Sandy

Age: 3 years old

Breed: Terrier Mix

Gender: Female

Coloring: You guessed it, sandy!

Background:  Sandy didn’t have the best start to life.  She was born in Cyprus and was being housed in one of the worst pounds there. Luckily, Sandy, her siblings, and her mom were re-homed by a charity in the UK.  Unfortunately, and most likely due to the conditions, one of the puppies didn’t make it.  Despite her new, safer housing, Sandy wasn’t socialized very well.  Around one years old, Michelle found Sandy and took her home!

Sandy (right) when she first came home and Sandy (left) 6 months later!

Nervous Girl

Sandy spent her developmental years in conditions that were not ideal to her becoming a well adjusted pup.  Sandy was not socialized at all and had little interaction with different types of people or various situations and environments.  Michelle soon found that Sandy had a long list of things that scared her, including, men, new people, children, scooters, buses, luggage, traffic, strollers, and more!  It can be a big, scary world out there for our pups!

Doubts turn to Hope

Like most owners who bring home a challenging dog, Michelle had some big doubts go through her head in the first couple of months Sandy was with her.  We bring dogs in our homes for lots of reasons, including to have a companion, but when Michelle couldn’t take Sandy on a walk to the park, this, of course, caused some worry.

Sandy’s mom couldn’t deny what a lovely pup she was and this was her home!  Michelle stuck with Sandy and started working with her anxious pup.  Michelle brought in a behaviorist, began training, and had a regime of herbal medication for Sandy.


With Michelle’s hard work, Sandy’s confidence began to grow and Michelle and her husband started seeing behaviors from Sandy that were a little braver.  One particular “wow!” moment is when Sandy accepted the dog walker and they now go on walks together every day!  Sandy also goes up to Michelle and snuggles with her, approaches her Dog Dad and gets some pets, and has become more accepting of puppies!  She even paws you for pets, which is such a turnaround for this nervous pooch.

Friends Furever

We can’t forget to mention how powerful friendships can be!  Sandy’s brother, Barney, has had such an impact on her.  Barney was very patient when Sandy arrived home and he ignored her until she was ready to interact.  This patient pup allowed Sandy to adjust to her new home at her own pace.  Now Barney acts as her protector and herds other dogs away from her when she needs some space. These two are a great pair!

Sandy and Barney on a sunny day

Sandy is a sweet pup who loves to play and disappear in the woods chasing after prey. She is doing so well in her furever home! We wish Sandy and her family the best of luck. Thanks for letting us get to know this adorable pup who has improved so much!

Visit Michelle, Sandy, and Barney:

Blog: Scruffy Little Terrier

Facebook: @scruffylittleterrier

Instagram: @scruffylittleterrier

Twitter: @MichelleSLT

Pinterest: @scruffylittlete

*all pictures are submitted by Scruffy Little Terrier*

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