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Being a dog mom to a reactive dog can be tough!  Whether you’ve got a dog with reactivity, separation anxiety, or anything in between, dealing with those issues can be messy, time consuming, and isolating.  Life with these dogs is not exactly ideal, but that doesn’t mean we don’t crave some normalcy and that feeling of being a super awesome dog mom.

That’s where a jar of Whisk & Wag treat mix comes in.  Whisk & Wag provides you with a jar of dry ingredients that you mix up yourself and then put in the oven for some yummy dog treats.  The directions are provided on the lid, so no fumbling with your tablet or paper recipes.  There are currently four flavors, Honey & Oats, Apple & Cinnamon, Cheddar & Herb, and Sweet Potato & Spice.  We tried the Apple & Cinnamon flavor and as a reactive dog mom trying to be awesome, my pups and I were a fan.

Let’s bake!

I’m Busy

Friends, I know that our modern day lives are packed full of stuff.  From full time jobs to families, from hobbies to washing the dishes, we got stuff to do.  Then, add on top of that a not so normal dog who needs training, management, and engagement.  Sometimes there is no time to take care of ourselves.  Forget about making homemade cookies for our neighbors and you can definitely forget about making homemade dog treats for your dog!

With Whisk & Wag, you don’t have to take a huge chunk of your day to make treats.  You throw the pre-made mix into a bowl, add some liquid, roll it into balls, and bake. Done. So simple! You could do this while you’re making dinner and waiting for water to boil.  Now you’ve got healthy treats for your dog or that you can give as a gift (winning).

So many homemade treats!

Normal Dog Mom Status

I’m not able to take my dog to an outdoor cafe or a summer festival.  We can’t walk past a dog on the same sidewalk as us.  New people have to be introduced properly.  My dog’s quirks and triggers keep us a little isolated: walking him super early or super late to avoid a lot of people, not attending that Pup Pool Party for a local rescue in the summer, never hosting get-togethers at our house.  You do find yourself saying “Can’t I just be a normal dog mom?”

When I find something that can help me feel like a “got-it-all-together” dog mom, it’s worth it.  I spend my money on training classes and training assistance products, so Whisk & Wag treat mix was a welcomed change of pace!  I can be a dog mom that makes treats for her dogs.  It’s also means that while everyone takes their dogs out for walks at 3pm on Saturday, I can make treats for my dog!  Who’s the best dog mom on the block now?!

Nailed it.

Treats, Treats, Treats

I love our current dog food because when we train at home, both my dogs will work for it.  Once we get outside, things change a little and we need higher value treats.  We’re always training our reactive dog when we’re outside: redirecting, rewarding for calmness, and focus.  Therefore, I am in constant need of treats!

Whisk & Wag treats are able to fill the training treat requirements! They make great training treats because they are higher value, healthy, and they easily breakable.  And apparently they taste good!


Lip Licking Good

Your Dog Stresses You Out

A dog with reactivity or any behavior challenges can give you a headache (the constant barking anyone? Am I right?).  So, we have to take care of ourselves to avoid burnout in working with them.

Some people find baking or cooking really relaxing and a great way to take some time to yourself.  You can crate your dogs, turn on some music, and bake some Whisk & Wag treats.  The beauty is, you’re doing something for your dogs, which means you can have 30 minutes guilt free!  It’s a beautiful thing.

Rolling some dough for the doggies

Baker of Dog Treats

I may not be cool enough to be the Mother of Dragons, but with Whisk & Wag, you bet I can be the Baker of Dog Treats.  At an affordable price of $9.99 per jar, it’s easy to make these for your own dog, bake some up for a dog friend’s birthday, or give the mix as a gift with a cute dog cookie cutter to your dog mom friends.  Whatever you decide to do, when baked, these treats are dog approved and super convenient.

My dogs aren’t super picky (one eats poop), but I’m a believer that a little homemade something made with some love can go a long way.  Even for our dogs.  Whisk & Wag’s ingredients are also pronounceable, so I know exactly what they’re eating.  I try to put good food into my body, and part of taking care of my dogs means that I do that for them too.

Grab yourself a jar today!

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