Let me set a few familiar scenes for you:

You get home from an emotionally exhausting day at work where you were stretched thin, didn’t have a chance to get lunch, and one of your employees just put their two weeks in.  When you finally get home, your reactive dog(s) won’t stop barking because a noise outside set them off and they are nervously whining at a pitch that makes you cringe or barking so loud your brain shakes.


You just got a puppy and she is adorable, but she is struggling with potty training and you’ve cleaned up pee too many times to count and you’ve just run out of paper towels.


You’ve been working with your newly adopted adult dog on not chewing everything and you’ve had some really good days.  Then you went to the grocery store for an hour and came home to your favorite heels chewed to death.

Maybe you’ve been living a variation of those scenes above.  Welcoming new dogs, puppy or adult, into your home is exciting, but it can be stressful!  And if you are living with a dog that has some behavior challenges, that can be really tough living with it everyday.

We love our dogs, but sometimes they can cause us stress.  Don’t feel guilty! Take care of yourself instead!  It bothers me that self-care is a “trend” at the moment because we should always take care of ourselves.  With these 8, ahhh inducing products, you’ll be able to easily fit these into every day life!  Your dogs need care, but so do you!

Coloring books

Get your zen on with some adorable dog coloring books!  Coloring can be a great creative outlet and can even evolve into a meditative state.  Nothing wrong with that!

Bad Hippies Bath Bombs and Lotion Bars

Can you pamper yourself and support small businesses and take care of the earth? Yes!  Bad Hippies has a range of products to help you create the most relaxing self-care routine.  Their products smell wonderful, while using all natural ingredients.  I’m in love with their lotion bars!

P.S. Their Plain Jane bar soap makes a great all natural doggie shampoo!

Take a bath! Remember to close the door so the dogs don’t sneak in.

Online Shop with Pop Your Pup

Sometimes a little retail therapy can do you wonders.  Purchasing a T-shirt or a canvas featuring your Pop Art dog can add a little smile to your day. Plus, putting on this adorable shirt can add a little pep to your step!

You can see your dogs cute face, even when they’re not with you!

Brew a cup of Grounds & Hounds Coffee

Ok, to be honest, I’m not a coffee drinker. However, I purchased Grounds & Hounds Coffee for my husband and I continue to buy it for gifts for the people in my life.  That’s because it smells wonderful, I’m told it’s delicious, and 20% of their proceeds are donated to rescues!  Not only are you treating yourself to a good cup of joe for a solid you-focused morning, but you are saving lives too.  Sounds like a self-care routine I can get behind.

Morning Walk coffee? These guys are clever!

Plan your day and work towards YOUR goals with Best Self Journal

I’ve never been good at keeping a journal, diary, calendar, you name it, but I was feeling frustrated in not reaching my goals with my dogs and in my life. So I ordered the Best Self Journal and it’s helped keep me focused and reach some goals in short amounts of time!  Part of taking care of yourself is making sure you are living the life you want.  This journal is a great way to help you get there!

Get on track.  This journal has your goals in mind!

Meditate with the Simple Habit App

I love this app and it has become part of how I unwind and de-stress.  The app provides lot of varied meditations for all sorts of scenarios.  I’m a horrible sleeper, but the app helps me fall asleep and fall back asleep, too.  Meditation can help you relax, organize your thoughts, boost your immune system, and so much more!

Mo meditates in the green grass and warm sun on his face.  You can too!

Take the time to cuddle with your pup and read one of these books

When is the last time you read a good book?  Slow down and give yourself a break from your busy life.  Reading allows you to focus on your interests, learn something new, and let your imagination take a trip.  If you’re a dog person, a book like “The Art of Racing in a Rain” by Garth Stein is a great read.

This picnic has smiles and relaxation written all over it.

Sip on some wine while you watch your dogs play

Girl, have a glass of wine, you deserve it. This is a chocolate wine and it tastes like Tootsie Rolls.  I don’t know about you, but my self-care involves a little selfish me time with a nice glass while I let my pups roll around and do their thing in the yard.

Why not enjoy the delicious things in life?

If we don’t take care of ourselves, how can we expect to be great parents, dog moms, bosses, athletes, friends, etc.?  When I’m in a good place, everything else around me flourishes because I am at my best.

Self-care is about finding the right balance for you and creating a life that results in joy.  Finding that balance with your dogs is important and can result in a better relationship, and a happy dog.  And that my friends, is a happy life.

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Grab your Free Distraction Action Worksheet!

Do you struggle with a distracted pup? This worksheet that you can print and hang on your fridge will help you identify what rewards will match up with those pesky distractions!

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