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Hi, I’m Joelle! I’m the dog mom to Geronimo and Lawrence. I grew up with dogs, but I didn’t start the dog nerd lifestyle until recent years. My journey began as a volunteer dog walker and since then I’ve been an Assistant Vet Tech, Pro Dog Walker, Foster Dog Mom, and most recently Assistant Dog Trainer.

Geronimo really inspired me to dive deeper into dog nerddom. He is a reactive dog that struggles with novelty and handling. Helping him have a long, happy, healthy life has driven me to learn about dog behavior, body language, and training. We are all positive and we are having a lot of fun on our adventure!


Hi, I’m Geronimo, but you can call me Mo! I’m originally from Oklahoma and I didn’t really have a great puppy life until I met my Mom and Dad. They take really good care of me. Mom gives great cuddles and I love playing with Dad!

On weekends, I like to hike and swim. During the week, I help Mom with chores like vacuuming and shutting cabinet doors. I have a lot to say and I make sure everyone can hear me. I am a little scared of new things, but once I figure out it won’t hurt me, I’m very brave!


Hello, my name is Lawrence.  I was rescued off the streets of Kansas City.  I’m a pretty chill guy, but boy, do I love to eat.  Except for lettuce. Please no lettuce. Anyway, I’m pretty new to this family and they seem cool.  I love giving them kisses and I’m always down for some cuddles.

My brother is a little uptight, but I really like to play with him. He is so fast.  He taught me how to jump on beds and couches. I wasn’t really strong when I came here, but Mo has been training me.

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