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Mast Cell Tumors and my Dog

Mo gets lots of love from me, so that means he gets lots of pets.  There was a time when he wasn't a big fan of affection, but he's really come around.  In an article from vetSTREET, they explain that petting a dog has some benefits for you, like reducing anxiety and stress, lowering blood pressure,… Continue reading Mast Cell Tumors and my Dog

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The Army Dog Life

Pre-Army Life I grew up in the great state of New York.  Growing up, my main interest was competitive swimming.  When I went to college, I swam for their college team and then in grad school, I pursued a degree in Sport Management so that I could follow my dream of becoming a swim coach. … Continue reading The Army Dog Life

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Allies: A Reactive Dog Owner’s Best Friend

As Valentine's Day fast approaches, we can get wrapped up in making sure we have a gift for our loved ones or getting a reservation for that fancy restaurant.  Valentine's Day is a "Hallmark" holiday, but it can also serve as a great reminder to show the ones that are in our lives that we… Continue reading Allies: A Reactive Dog Owner’s Best Friend

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Top 4 Tips for Visiting the Vet with a Reactive Dog

I don't know about you, but I try to schedule all my dogs vet within the first few months of the year.  They get their shots, prescriptions for heartworm and flea/tick medications, annual exams, and that big bill out of the way.  Then we can move forward on a healthy year. Vet visits can be… Continue reading Top 4 Tips for Visiting the Vet with a Reactive Dog

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You are the Expert!

Who is the expert on your dog? It’s not your vet, it’s not your trainer, it’s not your behaviorist, or your local pet store cashier, or your mom, and it’s not your neighbor, and it’s certainly not the stranger at the park. It’s you! Now hold on, I think experts are great, I want to… Continue reading You are the Expert!

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While you’re Away, Will your Dogs Play?

Most of the time, us dog moms and dads have full time jobs to work, social lives to engage in, hobbies to enjoy, volunteer duties to create world peace, and vacations to get far away from reality. We are super busy, but we care about the dogs that live under our roof like family and… Continue reading While you’re Away, Will your Dogs Play?