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It’s a Date! Top 11 Tips for a Successful Dog Play Date

When we first adopted Mo, we were excited for all the dog parks we would visit and all the dog friends he would make.  When we realized he was barking and lunging on a leash at other dogs, we really hesitated.  We had been to parks where off leash dogs approached us and Mo (on… Continue reading It’s a Date! Top 11 Tips for a Successful Dog Play Date

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The Army Dog Life

Pre-Army Life I grew up in the great state of New York.  Growing up, my main interest was competitive swimming.  When I went to college, I swam for their college team and then in grad school, I pursued a degree in Sport Management so that I could follow my dream of becoming a swim coach. … Continue reading The Army Dog Life

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You are the Expert!

Who is the expert on your dog? It’s not your vet, it’s not your trainer, it’s not your behaviorist, or your local pet store cashier, or your mom, and it’s not your neighbor, and it’s certainly not the stranger at the park. It’s you! Now hold on, I think experts are great, I want to… Continue reading You are the Expert!